As I embark on this journey I could certainly use your prayer in a few areas:

  • This is not a Christian organization. I would love to find opportunities to share my faith with the people I am living and working with is important to me, as well as be an example and a light wherever I am
  • Adjustment to the difficult living conditions that I will experience
  • A heart for seeing need and discovering how to help in the best way possible
  • Wisdom in repairing equipment and learning Spanish
  • That God would provide financially for this trip

Make a Donation

All donations made will be submitted to Engineering World Health causes, specifically the EWH-Duke Summer Institute I will be participating in. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated! For convenience I have set up a paypal account that you can donate to by clicking on the link to the right.

Cost Estimate

Program Fee: $6,700 (technical lectures on medical device repair, lab time, language lessons, some meals, flight to hospital location within country (TBD), etc.

Airfare: $1,000 (return flight)

Spending Money: $1,000 (food, transportation, supplies, living essentials)

Bills and Housing: $2,300 (2 months rent, phone and electric bills)

Total: $11,000

Raised Funds

February 4, 2011: $1,000 (Engineering World Health Scholarship)

February 14, 2011: $500 (downpayment)

March 19, 2011: $500

March 22, 2011: $500

March 31, 2011: $2,500

March 31, 2011: $1,250

April 12, 2011: $70

April 18, 2011: $200

May 3, 2011: $500

Loan: $1,000

Total Raised Funds to Date: $8,020

Total Need to Date: NONE

With help from my Grandma and my mom, I finished my fundraising in preparation for the summer. Thank you everyone for your generosity! Your support is greatly appreciated!